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Traditional Thai Massage – SEN Massage

thaimassage1   This massage is a special combination of pressure using hands or feet, muscles stretches, joint mobilisation and mindfulness.
The treatment is done on a mat and loose fitting clothes should be worn. A full body Thai Massage takes 1.5 hours.

This is an ideal massage for people who, have overworked their muscles, suffer from back problems, are recovering from a sports injury, and for those who like deep intensive tissue massage.

Thai Massage has its roots 5000 years ago in Tibet. Indian monks brought it over China and Japan to Thailand, where it’s still practised today. In Thailand it is called Nuad Phaen Boran or Sen Massage.



Cranio Sacral Therapy

cranio therapie  

This therapy is a combination of gentle touch and an open mind to relieve symptoms of stress and tension. This is an ideal treatment for clients suffering or recovering from: headaches, jaw problems, accidents (whiplash), operations or stress symptoms. It is a great pregnancy treatment and for clients who enjoy relaxing therapies.

Origin: Cranio Sacral Therapy like parietal and visceral therapy is one of the three branches of Osteopathy. Andrew Taylor Still founded this method, William Sutherland, born in Maine, made it popular.



Abdominal Massage – Chin Nei Tsang

abdominal teraphie  

The Taoists say: The navel is the centre. A tense tummy blocks the energy in the whole body. As the visceral organs are directly connected to the back, it is possible to reduce back and neck pain by treating the organs. A gentle massage, recentering and relaxation of the organs helps to detox the organism and empowers the immunsystem.

Can be useful for: Back-, neckpain, constipation, female disorders, general tension in the abdominal aerea



Acupuncture Massage


This massage involves clearing blockages in the meridians, which are preventing the flows of life energy. The ear represents the central reflex zone, effectively the body in miniature. An acupuncture massage harmonises the system.
This is an ideal treatment for those suffering from acute pain, inflammation of the musculoskeletal system, energy blockages in the meridians, pre or post – operations, accidents, to stimulate the self-healing process.

Origin: Willy Penzel from Germany developed this simple massage method out of the complex Chinese acupuncture treatment.



Cupping / Herbal Stamp / Medical Taping

schroepfen   It is possible to combine these extra applications with all the other treatments. The primary goal is to improve the circulation and speed up the regeneration. There is a direct influence on the organs from the reflex zones of the skin. A tape supports muscle movement and joints.           


Bild-Yoga   Having experienced YOGA on ten trips to India, it has helped me, on several occasions, to recover from physical problems. I will tailor this ancient philosophy (the bridge between the body and the mind) to you and your needs. Through the focus on breathing, the bridge between body and mind, we become more aware about the present. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but the present is NOW.