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After 16 trips to Ladakh, Nepal and Tibet, the Himalayas became my second home. My journeys are always enriched by small projects that, inevitably, unexpectedly appeared on the way.  I spent time in a Mother Theresa home for homeless children in South India, gave English lessons at 4000 m in a remote Buddhist Nunnery, taught Tibetan refugees how to massage, brought people to the hospital or doctor … by supporting me, you become a part of this chain!

English teacher in a convent at 4000 meters above sea level, an experience report: read more ...

Since 2010 I appreciate having the opportunity to work with:

Jamyang School



Jamyang School in Leh, Ladakh, because they accepted a 9 year old boy from a poor background, after rejections from 6 other schools….and now he is the best in class!
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Nuns in remote Zanskar, Ladakh, because in the 5 months living together with them, I personally experienced how they maintain their humour, smiles and brightness in their eyes despite only having basic medical support and despite the hardships of living at an altitude of 4000ms all year around. For 240 Euro per year you can support a nun in Jamyang Study Program in Zanskar.